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​Expressions Dance Academy of Wofleboro 

Policies for Competition Company Members

It is very important for Company members to have excellent attendance. Missing classes will delay skill development, and it is an inconvenience for other dancers and the instructor, especially when working on a piece of choreography.

*If a student is absent from the same class because of sickness more than two times in a semester, a doctor’s note will be required to miss another.

*Injured or ill but non-contagious students are expected to attend class, but may sit on the side and observe.

*Instructors may remove students from sections or entire pieces of choreography if too many classes or rehearsals have been missed. It is not fair or safe for the other dancers when one dancer does not know the choreography.

*Schoolwork comes first, but it is expected that students learn to manage their time so that dance classes aren’t skipped for homework, etc.

* If a conflict was to arise with another activity, students will be required to attend another class equal in level to make up for the absence. In addition students may be required to purchase studio time or private lessons to make up for the missed choreography. This is determined by the instructor.

Class placement is made at the Director's discretion. Entire classes do not advance to the next lever as a whole placement on any Competition Company Team does not guarantee placement the following year but instead is contingent upon a number of things including attitude, attendance, and progress.

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