90 Bay Street, Wolfeboro, NH, United States

​Expressions Dance Academy of Wofleboro 

Dress Code

All students are required to wear proper dance attire and dance shoes.  Hair should be neatly tied back.  All Ballet and Pointe dancers are required to wear a bun.  Do not wear dance shoes outside of class.  All Dance apparel is available at Wolfeboro Dancewear and is recommended for all students to look uniform when performing.  Tights and leotards should be in good condition without holes.  

  • Ballet & Pointe - Black Leotard and Pink Tights.  Pink ballet shoes or point shoes. Comp 3-5 must have Canvas
  • Modern & Lyrical-  Solid Color Leotard and Tights.  Dance shorts (only) are optional. No shoes required.
  • Jazz 1, Mini Jazz & Petite Jazz -- Leotard and tights (any color) Dance shorts and/or fun dancewear is optional.  Tan jazz boots
  • Jazz 2, 3, Junior, Senior & Master Dance Company - Leotard and tights (any color). Dance shorts and/or fun dancewear is optional.  Black Pedinis.
  • Music Video Dance - Comfortable clothing or dancewear.  Pink ballet shoes.  Black ballet shoes for boys.
  • Hip hop 1 & 2 and Cheerdance Comfortable and appropriate dancewear.  Black dance sneakers for hip-hop. Clean, plain white sneakers for cheerdance - any style but must be used strictly for dance class.
  • Primary and Secondary: Leotard and Tights (any color). Pink ballet slippers and black buckle tap shoes.
  • Hip-Hop 3 & Hip-Hop Competition - Comfortable and appropriate dancewear.  Black high-top sneakers to be ordered through Wolfeboro Dancewear. BTJ 1 & BTJ 2 - Leotard and Tights (any color) No Dance Pants.  Black jazz boot, and black strap tap shoes.  Ballet shoes are not required, but are optional. 
  • Production - Any dancewear.  No street clothes.  Shoes will be determined and chosen based on style of routine.
  • Creative Movement - Comfortable clothing or dancewear.  Pink ballet shoes.  Black ballet shoes for boys.
  • Tap Company - Any dancewear.  No street clothes. Black tie tap shoes.
  • *Instructors reserve the right to deny any student's participation in class if the dress code is not respected!

Snow Days

We make every effort possible not to cancel classes.  If a cancellation is necessary due to inclement weather, it will be announced on the studio answering machine no later than 2 p.m.  We do not follow the GWRSD closings.  You must call the studio for the closing information.  603-569-9799.  You may take any other age appropriate class to make up for the cancellation.  Please contact me if you are unsure what your options are for makeup classes.  Make up classes will be scheduled once 2 had been missed.    

Code of Conduct  

Proper respect for the director, faculty, curriculum and fellow students is expected from all students, parents and siblings.  Every individual should behave in a disciplined, responsible manner both on and off site at any time you are representing Expressions Dance Academy.  We expect students to be focused and ready to learn when in class.  Students should maintain a respectful, attentive attitude toward instructors at all times.  In support of that, we must also ask for a calm atmosphere in the waiting area.  Please encourage younger students and siblings to read, color, or play quietly while in teh waiting area.  The Studio reserves the right to dismiss or suspend any individual whose attitude, attendance or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory or derogatory towards fellow students, parents or teachers.  This includes social media postings.          


While not a perfect method, Handouts are our main form of communication.  Parents should check with their dancers regarding handouts received in class. All handouts will posted in the studio along with updates.  Please come in and check the board regularly.    


We strive to maintain a positive environment and as such, everyone,    including parents, volunteers and students are expected to treat others with    courtesy and respect.  Dance requires discipline and dedication.  It    is an art form and should be respected as such.    

  • Proper attire, including hair, is expected at all times.    
  • No gum, food or beverages are allowed in the studio at any time. 
  • No Jewelry


  • Students and families are expected to respect the studio and its tidiness.  Please be responsible for your own water bottles, candy wrappers, diapers, food and trash. 
  • No street shoes, gum, food or drink is allowed in the studio at any time.
  • ALL classes begin and end at the scheduled times.  Please see that your child arrives early enough to be prepared for class on time. We are not reponsible for students before or after their scheduled class 
  • Students should be picked up promptly after their class has been dismissed. For safety reasons, no student will be allowed outside into the parking lot unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Parents or students wishing to speak with the director or the instructor must schedule an appointment.  Please be aware of instructors’ obligations and demanding schedules and do not attempt to engage them in any impromptu  discussions before, during, between or after classes.
  • No student should leave class without permission.
  • Please be courteous of the classes that are meeting before and after you and respect others dancers' personal property.
  • The Dancer's Lounge is only for dancers grades 7 and  older. 
  • Please remember that excessive absences are a distraction to the entire class as they attempt to learn choreography around missing students.  If your child is ill or injured but able to at least come watch the class, it will minimize the disruption.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND CLASS, please notify the Instructor by leaving a message at the studio.
  • All COMPETITION students will receive a CONTRACT that they are expected to read and follow outlining additional expectations and policies.


Class placement is made at the Director’s discretion.  Entire classes do not advance to the next level as a whole.  Placement on any Competition Company Teams does not guarantee placement the following year but instead is contingent upon a number of things including attitude, attendance, and progress. 

The Studio and the Instructors are not liable for personal injuries or loss or damage to personal property.  Please inform the instructor of any physical    limitations which may prevent full participation in class.